My Partner In Crime!

"Arushi Ahuja"

Tip toe on my bare feet 
I walked down the stairs,
hoping the floorboard wouldn't creak,
As I sneak to reach the chocolate eclairs;
kept atop the highest shelf,
intentionally away from my little reach ,
I climb on a wooden chair,
Strain my ankles, stretch my arms,
to reach the tempting treat!
And running amok helter-skelter,
As it comes pelting down,
Licking my chocolate rich fingers,
As mom puts the lights on-
A smile hidden in her angry frown!

Running wild in the garden,
Playing with a choo choo train,
Bare feet in my dirty frock,
And dancing in the rain!
Little mommy came shouting out,
Pulling her hair in loving frustration,
 warning me from catching a fever.
I sneezed and sped bringing her out as well,
She was soaked soon as the rain continued to swell.
We both caught the darling cold,
And our noses turned clownishly red,
But she was the one who fed me soup,
As I cosily slept!

Climbing on the guava trees,
bare feet as they became ripe and red,
Munching on some perched atop,
While tossing some on mama's head,
She furrowed her brows and looked up at me,
I smiled and sent her more,
She was soon eating a guava too,
The delicious pearly fruit!
And then the owner sighted us
And I dropped down on her shoulders,
We ran giggling like the wind,
to escape his angry clamour.
Later I know she got busted
And gave back some of the squander,
Yet came back giggling secretively,
Having enjoyed our little adventure!

Written for MindLoveMisery's photo prompt!


  1. This is lovely Arushi, you capture the time element so well as you give us an insight into your childhood. So you like chocolate eh?

  2. OMG michael you wouldnt beleive how much i love chocolates... crazy about them :)

  3. You know, I think moms sometimes delight in mischievous antics as much as their children. I know mine did. I have innumerable memories of my mom that illustrate this as well. Your poem triggered them & made me smile!

    1. Thank you mary... my mom always says she relived her childhood through me all over again!

  4. This is so charming and touching I loved it! It reminds me of my own mischievous sweet-loving child self

  5. Such a wonderful expression/description of how mother and daughter relationships can be. I very much enjoyed your answer to the prompt!


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