Wasted Love

Love is a parody of the innocent or foolish nowadays. We waste it away like autumn leaves. Leave ourselves dry and craving for something that was ours right in the beginning. And not just that, even while in this emotional mess we know we are loosing a part of us, we regret it and still like total idiots we sit and watch helplessly as day by day we waste a little more of this precious emotion on someone who doesn't understand! Why so helpless? Because love is not all about giving... It very much depends on whom you love... There are few people in this world who know how to rightly love; fewer still who know how to gently accept it! Lets put it across like this- My friend gives me her gold jewellery to wear on an occasion. Now she is doing me much of a favour but there are ways in which I can accept it or not at all. I can take it from her without a word, or I can take it from her with a genuine thanks and a pretty smile, OR I can take it with a genuine thanks, a pretty a smile and a promise to take care of it! Or then again I may not take it at all  in which its just perfectly fair and fine. Why should I take somebody's precious when I don't trust myself to take care of it in a justifiable way? However, if I do accept it, I am sure she'd be more relaxed and willing to give if I give her my word because she already trusts me enough to spare her precious for me. But if she gives it to me and I don't even care to show my gratitude then either she is foolish or a little too innocent to give me something so precious to her!
And that is what we do. WE are the foolish innocent 'friend' I don't have. Leastwise, I am!

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