The Night Gaurdian!

"Arushi Ahuja"
A painting by GuidoVedavato- The Owl 

He flew across the native lands,
A moonlit shadow cast,
The beautiful silver glittering sand,
The ocean Oh! So vast!!

His wings spread from tip to tip,
He flew away to the moon,
The wind whistling past his grip,
In the full moon light alone...

His large black and round eyes,
Picked every detail below him lay,
As he made his way through the dark skies,
Hunting for his prey...

A screech, a hoot, he ruffled his glorious white fur, 
He eyed his prey he pierced the air and caught it in a spur! 

He glided across the haggard town,
Among the starry sky,
The mysterious royalty in his own,
The  Night Guardian up so high!!!

This poem is written for the prompt given by Fireblossom at The Imaginary Garden With Real Toads to write a poetry inspired by the paintings of Guido Vedavato.

the imaginary garden with real toads

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